Our Dogs in Training

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro service dog in training

Nitro is a pure bred border collie puppy from Stella Maris Border Collies in Brooksville, Florida, born in the spring of 2023. His early days were spent on a ranch with his mom and dad and 7 siblings. He drank raw milk from his own cows and enjoyed raw eggs from his own chickens over his kibble every day. Now he resides at his new home and is the youngest member of a pack of four dogs, who are governed by two cats. He enjoys taking walks with his pack, riding on the stand up paddle board, and chasing anything that moves quickly enough to be interesting. Primary trainer: Zan Raynor.


Bella min pin service dog in training

Bella is a three year old Miniature Pinscher. She loves nothing more than snuggling with her dad and goes everywhere she can with him. She supports him throughout every day and brings meaning to his life. Now she’s learning the skills she needs to accompany him to even more places. Primary trainer: Dotty Cona


aspen labradoodle service dog in training

Aspen is a blue labradoodle who is still just a pup. She was born in September of 2020 and is already working on her Service Dog tasks. She loves food and her favorite game is fetch. Primary trainer: Bella Siebring.


Lucy service dog in training

Lucy was born in February of 2020. She is a Mantle Great Dane and will be trained for mobility, balance, and medical alert. She is very sweet, loves to play, also is also very smart and love BilJaks. Primary trainer: Kathy Bright.


callie service dog in training

Callie is an Australian Cattle Dog (blue heeler). She was born in the summer of 2020 and was adopted from a shelter in Indiana at about 9 months old. She loves tennis balls and is full of cuddles. She enjoys attention and gave big kisses to her new big brother, a mini bull terrier named Farley, the very first time they met. Primary trainer: Madysen Strykowski.



Grover is a Weimaraner/Lab mix and was born in March of 2020. He is a playful, but often lazy puppy. He is very laid back and enjoys sleeping with Karsen during the day with some occasional playtime. After Ash gets home, Grover enjoys mostly playtime until Karsen gets off work. He is currently teething so he’s learning bite inhibition. Gover’s mother stopped feeding him so the family he was with needed to rehome all of the puppies in the litter. Primary trainers: Karsen Soileau and Ash Vargas.


Appa service dog in training

Appa was born in September 2019. He was adopted in December of the same year. When Amanda took him to a pet supply store that first day to get his own collar and leash he was unfazed by shopping carts, loud noises and even someone using a cane. His life as a service dog in training started. When the pandemic hit his training regimen changed drastically but has made for a very tight bond with his handler. He has high hopes of becoming a mobility and psa for his owner. Primary trainer: Amanda Plank.


ragnar service dog in training

Ragnar was adopted from a service dog breeder who in the winter of 2020 took him, his siblings, and his mother in after being left on the side of a roadway. His current trainer first met him when he was 4 weeks old and they’ve been each other’s companions ever since. Ragnar is now 6 months old, weighing in at 50 lbs (with no signs of stopping)! He loves laying on cold floor tile and seeing his grandparents (who supply him with an endless buffet of treats). Primary trainer: Julie Mays.


snickers service dog in training

Snickers is a poodle who came from a breeder in Nevada. He was born in the fall of 2020 and has been in his home since he was 7 weeks old. He loves taking long walks and going to parks and taking trips everywhere his handler goes. He is very smart and has already figured out how to open the baby gate to let himself out. Primary trainer: Christine Farley.


sadie service dog in training

Sadie is a Rottweiler mix dog who is 2 years old. Her handler found her at a dog pound in Fayette, MO after having no luck at a variety of animal adoption agencies. She came to her new home in September of 2020 and moved into the university dorm in October! Her favorite person is her handler, for whom she is a best friend and life saver. Primary trainer: Layla Beyer.


whitaker service dog in training

Whitaker was born on July 2, 2020 in Genoa, NY. He arrived at his forever home at 8 weeks old. He is a gentle, loving and energetic whippet. Whitaker loves spending time at Camp, especially in the winter when there is lots of snow. He loves to run, fetch with any possible toy he has, and loves his nap time. He takes advantage of being able to snuggle whenever he can, and has earned the nicknames “wiggles” and “snuggle pup” for good reason. Whitaker is an accomplished food critic and looks forward to any car ride or adventure that arises.  Whitaker is looking forward to learning the skills to accompany his humans wherever they go, and assisting his mum’s patients as a therapy dog. Primary trainers: Katey and Christopher Malone.


hercules service dog in training

Hercules was born November 2020. He’s an American Pitbull. He came from his previous owner in Spokane, Washington. His favorite toy is a rubber ball. He really likes to run and play with his puzzle. Primary trainer: Danielle Johnson.


koa service dog

Koa was is an Australian Shepherd born in the spring of 2021 and adopted from an amateur breeder in Michigan. His future family visited the litter with the plan of adopting a female, but after holding three little ladies and having them all cry, they noticed Koa lingering nearby decided to check him out. He was calm and sweet and fell asleep in my arms. Since coming to his new home, he enjoys a nice scratch and petting session, but he’s not a cuddler yet. He does enjoy playing tug and chase a bit, but sleeping and napping are still his favorite activities. Primary trainer: Jessica Lopez and Mike Szyller.


chino service dog in training

Chino was born in February of 2021. He is a spunky, full of energy, loving Mini Goldendoodle, who will be trained as a psychiatric SD. Chino is very friendly, and super smart. He’s quick to learn and please, and enjoys training. Chino has two loves after his handler – cheese and kids. He and his handler spend their weekend exploring around the city, taking walks. Primary trainer: Zoya Malik.


Koda service dog in training

Koda was born in June of 2020. She is a marvelous mix of breeds including Husky, Golden Retriever, Australian Cattle Dog, and German Shepherd. She greatest joy is her elephant squeaky toy. She also loves running and hiking and going to work with her handler. Primary trainer: Cassie Smith.


alpha service dog

Alpha is a Siberian Husky dog who is just a big baby. He came home when he was 6 months old and has been working with his trainer for almost 2 years now. In his off time he loves chewing his bones and napping with his belly in the air. He especially loves working out by running next to the bike. Primary trainer: Malikye Pireu.


champ service dog in training

Champ is 5 years old and was adopted at 2.5 years old after being rehomed twice. Since then Champ has gone from 0 to 100. He is loving and intuitive, friendly and sweet. He loves all people and all dogs. He is adored by all, including nearly 5,000 followers on Instagram. Champ has done basic training and is ready to start the PSDiT training program. Primary trainer: Arielle Zupmore.


Cleo service dog in training

Cleo is a Saint-Pierre Labernese and was born on January 29th in Stanstead, Quebec before moving to Montreal. As a good Quebecer, she’s learning all of her commands in both French and English. Her name is also a reference to a famous Quebec movie, La Guerre des Tuques. She’s the biggest cuddle ball and loves to go on long walks around the city. Primary trainer: Samuelle Valade.


theo service dog in training

Theo was born in the spring of 2021 and rescued from a neglectful situation then fostered until he could be placed in a loving home. He is confident and curious and scared of nothing. He eats like a horse, which is appropriate for a Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd and Labrador mix puppy. He is a sweet and affectionate boy who is starting to learn that biting toys is much more fun than biting people. He even enjoys his new cat roommates. Primary trainer: Noah Samson.


Koda service dog in training

Koda was born on April 8, 2020. She is a chocolate Labrador from a local breeder in Missouri. She loves staying near her handler and playing any game that they can do together. She also loves playing with her dogfriends who live next door. She likes taking walks but loves taking car rides even more. She doesn’t like it when her handler crochets because that means there isn’t a free hand to pet her. Primary trainer: Diane Paddock.


Juniper service dog in training

Juniper was adopted in June of 2021 from the Sedona Humane Society when he was about 8 months old. He came from the Navajo reservation where he was well taken care of and loved. He has boundless energy and is very treat motivated. He loves his walks with his family and particularly enjoys his favorite treat: homemade training treats of pumpkin, oats, and egg. He loves playing tug’o’war with his rope toys and is very conscientious about alerting to every passerby, especially each and every desert lizard. Being an Australian Cattle Dog mix, he’s got a perpetual smile pasted on his handsome face. Primary trainers: Israel Gonzalez and Melissa Stepina.


Harley is a labradoodle who was born in June of 2020. She came from a breeder in Alabama and moved to her new home when she was just a few weeks old. She loves treats and will do whatever it takes to earn them. Primary trainer: Reanna Ledbetter.

Evee Rose

evee service dog in training

Evee is a terrier\chihuahua mix. She was adopted from a family who was rehoming her because they were young and didn’t have time to train her properly. She LOVES LOVES LOVES puzzles. She can solve them so quickly her trainer can’t keep enough on hand.  Primary trainer: Andrea Hollandsworth.


puddle standard poodle service dog in training

Puddle is a standard poodle from a reputable breeder who was born in the spring of 2021. She likes to push the books around on her handler’s bookshelf with her nose. She enjoys belly rubs a lot! She really likes to play with her housemate dog – the two of them are quite a pair. They even try to sneak off to each other’s rooms sometimes. She likes to share her toys and water bowl with him. Her favorite thing is peanut butter and she likes to nap often. Primary trainer: Abigail Seidle.


henri service dog in training

Henri, named after Henri Nouwen, is a goldendoodle who was born in the spring of 2021. He started living with his primary trainer at 8 weeks old and is training to be a PTSD service dog. Henri is calm and steady for the most part but is finding his own voice as he becomes more confident. He loves rolling in grass, fetching sticks, playing with dog friends, and cuddling.  Primary trainer: Ellie Overman.


mushu service dog in training

Mushu is a Newfoundland Poodle mix born on March 31st, 2020.  He was a graduation present from his trainer’s aunt when he was 11 weeks old. He loves playing with other animals and his best friend is his uncle Kevin the Rottie. Mushu loves his tennis ball and anything to do with food! Primary trainer: Liandra Dematteo.

Ruby Rose

Ruby 1 service dog in training

Ruby is a goldendoodle, born in February of 2021, and purchased from a reputable breeder. Ruby lives with her mom and trainer, her human brother, and her dog brother, Max, in Bryant, Arkansas. She loves going on car rides, and going to work with mom at Kidsource Therapy where she is quickly completing all of her Foundational Obedience skills and experiencing many social interactions with the kids and therapists who work there. Primary trainer: Jodi Jester.


angrboda service dog in training

Angrboða is a not so little viking dog, ready to go on any adventure but always keeping an eye on her mom and sticking close by. She’s a German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix who was born in late 2020. She is the 4th in a house of 6 animals, and on the bottom of the totem pole of her 5 smaller feline siblings. When she isn’t on a viking adventure with her mom and dad then she is being a lazy potato curled up with her mom for afternoon naps. Primary trainers: Shelby and James Humphries.


Ace service dog in training

Ace is a goldendoodle who was adopted from a rescue for golden retrievers in Oklahoma. He was born in May of 2021 and enjoys walks, squeaky toys, and rolling the grass. He is training to be a service dog for his girl with Down syndrome. Primary trainer: Maegen Wagner.


torvi service dog in training

Torvi is an American Pitbull Terrier and was born in the spring of 2021. She was rescued from a neglectful situation by a chain of friends. She is now healthy and thriving and happy in her forever home. She loves playing with her labradoodle sister, Sammie. She enjoyed playing with toys that have a squeaker in them and spends a majority of her time right next to her handler, even throughout the nights. Primary trainer: Loribeth Crawford.

Piper Jane

Piper happens to be the sweetest goldendoodle ever, according to her trainer. She will be 3 years old in March of 2022. Piper is very laid back and loves kids! Her hobbies include playing in the swimming pool, chasing lizards, hanging with her humans, and giving sweet kisses. Piper wants to be a great therapy dog when she grows up. Primary trainer: Karen Cole.

Hazel Mae

Hazel is growing golden retriever baby that came from a reputable breeder near Kansas City, MO. She is currently 5 months old, learning all of her basic commands, crate training, and loving her new human family. Hazel would also love to be a great therapy dog when she grows up. Primary trainer: Karen Cole.


trigger service dog in training

Trigger is an Australia Shepherd born in July of 2020. He loves learning, being outside, truck rides and his humans. He will train specific tasks to help mitigate Dysautonomia. . Primary trainer: Timber Bailey.


zero service dog in training

Zero was adopted as a puppy in October of 2021 from a lovely lady in Washington whose dog has an accidental litter of puppies. He is a mixed breed of Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, and German Shepherd. He loves biting, chewing, and running around outside. Primary trainer: Anakin Camp.

Daisy Mae

daisy service dog in training

Daisy came from a private breeder in Belleville, Michigan called Doodleville. She is a petite miniature goldendoodle and was born in July of 2021. Daisy loves toys of all kinds, even ones half her size. Although she has not quite caught on to bringing balls back she definitely loves to fetch them. She has two doggy best friends named Pepe and Lulu who she loves to roughhouse with, play tug of war, and play tag with. She welcomes and encourages all types of attention whether it be from people or animals. Specifically, she LOVES kids. Daisy can fall asleep almost anywhere and loves to dress up! Primary trainer: Madison Parise.


Goose service dog in training

Goose is golden retriever in training for cardiac/medical response, psychiatric, and mobility tasks. He was born in the winter of 2021. He competes in dock diving in his free time with his sister, a little Australian cattle dog mix named Mandy (she also does agility). Primary trainer: Sophie Lawson.

Phantom Menace

phantom service dog in training

Phantom is a West coast native.  He was born in California, July 31, 2020, with congenital Megaesophagus. The breeder was going to euthanize him and his brother when his foster mom took them into her care.  After a few months of being in foster care, his new trainer flew out to California to bring him back to Maryland. A year later, Phantom had no signs or symptoms of Megaesophagus! Within that year, he earned two AKC Titles – Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog. Phantom loves to play fetch with a wiffle ball, loves car rides, and most importantly loves his people! Primary trainer: Christina Wright.


ocean service dog in training

Ocean, offer called Bubba, was born in February of 2021. His trainer got him from a friend who knew people who had puppies and knew his trainer needed a partner and a best friend. He loves cuddling with his trainer and pretend fighting with his friends, the cats. He also loves to run and play tug of war. Primary trainer: Natalie Moore.


maizey service dog in training

Maizey is a yellow lab who came to her fur ever home at 8 weeks of age from a reputable breeder. She was born Feb. 20, 2019. She will focus on foundational skills and eventually learn to be a support to her young man with Down syndrome and autism. Maizey loves cuddles, zooming, and peanut butter. Primary trainer: Beth DeHoff.


rufus service dog in training

Rufus is a retriever mix from North Carolina. He was adopted from Huntersville out of a barn litter. His birthday is October 4th, 2021. He loves to run around in leaves and playing with his rope! Primary trainer: Victoria Chandler.

Sir Beef Wellington

beef service dog in training

Beef is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi adopted from Wisenhunt Farms in Arkansas. He was born in November of 2021 and is already incredibly intelligent and picking up on house training very well. His favorite toy is a plush seal, he likes to hop when he’s excited, and he loves following his dad around everywhere. He’s going to be trained for diabetic alert, anxiety alert, deep pressure therapy, and more. Primary trainer: Bobby Burnside.

Lady Liberty

lady liberty service dog in training

Libby is a Blenheim Cavalier born on April Fool’s Day in 2011. Libby loves treats, people, walks and fetch – in that order. At the dog park, she is the people greeter and leaves sniffing to the other dogs. Primary trainer: Michelle Ouellette.


tiki service dog in training

Tiki was found as a stray on Valentine’s Day, 2020 at an agricultural high school when she was approximately one year old and immediately bonded with her new owner. She’s an American Staffordshire Terrier who loves hikes and farm animals. Tiki will do anything for treats! She’s high energy until it’s nap time. Primary trainer: Kaitlyn Jones.

Casey Jr.

casey service dog in training

Casey joined his new family when he was about 5 months old in the summer of 2021. He’s an Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd mix so he has a great working drive and always wants to please. He loves people and attention and is basically a goofball. However, he will destroy any toy, no matter how strong. Primary trainer: Kaitlyn Jones.


stitch service dog in training

Stitch is a 9 month old French Bulldog who was surrendered at birth in March 2021 due to having a cleft palate. However he is very lucky seeing as it has closed up as he’s grown. Stitch loves playing with toys and snuggling his human mom and new human baby sister.  Primary trainer: Katie Fox .


daisy service dog in training

Daisy is an extremely affectionate and full of sass roughly three year old. She had a hard first year of life, abandoned in a small bathroom, but that didn’t stop her from growing attached to anyone. Her favorite place is the park and she absolutely LOVES her tennis balls. She loves cuddles and being a blanket burrito Primary trainer: Kayla Sayle .


archie service dog in training

Archie is a blue fawn french bulldog who was born on August 27, 2021. He came into his mom’s life to help her after loosing her beloved pug. Archie has the best personality. He continues to be goofy and fun loving. His favorite things are eating ice, playing with his siblings, and getting the zoomies. He’s excited to become the best companion and helper for his momma.   Primary trainer: Kayla Watson.


river service dog in training

River is a full bred Rottweiler, born on Aug 28, 2021. With those fluffy ears, River is a long-haired Rottweiler. These dogs can be rare because they do not meet the standard for show, but that doesn’t stop them from being amazing dogs! River enjoys playing with her sibling, Shadow, and her mom and dad. River loves it outside and often just lays on the back porch. River is very loving and sweet and will grow up to be an awesome dog! Primary trainer: Kathy Evans.


Koda service dog in training

Koda was adopted in the fall of 2020 from a small shelter in Missouri. His trainer had been looking for a dog for a while and when they saw the video post about him, dropped everything and drove 2 hours to meet him. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Koda loves playing tug with his trainer or his sister, Baylee, running next to the bike, and playing at the beach. His favorite thing, though, is eating as many tasty treats as he can get his paws on. Primary trainer: Taylor Grantham.


rio service dog in training

Rio is a French bulldog who was born in the fall of 2021. He is the first dog for his family and they chose this breed because they are wonderful companions and love to cuddle. Rio enjoys being held and is obsessed with his Kongo toy. Primary trainer: Jenny McDaniel.


maverick service dog in training

Maverick is a Catahoula leopard dog/Great Pyrenees mix born in the spring of 2021. He was a stray found by a local humane society. He was adopted at first sight, and the very next day began learning how to sit. After only a month and a half in his new home, he learned almost everything he needs to be the best boy. Primary trainer: Molly Walters.


daisy service dog in training

Daisy is a Golden Retriever born on October 1, 2021. She’s smart, too smart sometimes, and very affectionate. She loves walks, the cat, socks, and playing fetch. Daisy is excited to learn new things and go more places (she also loves the car!). She lives in sunny Florida close to the park in a neighborhood full of dogs. Primary trainer: Katie Calahan.


Athena service dog in training

Athena was born in the summer of 2021 and is terrier mix. She came from the Thomasville Humane Society in Georgia when she was 4 months old. Athena enjoys playing with toys, cuddles, and working. She loves sitting on the couch and in laps. Primary trainer: Zephyr Crosby.


artemis service dog in training

Artemis was born in the fall of 2021 and is a Labrador and coonhound mix. She was adopted from a little of puppies as private rehoming when she was 8 weeks old. She love playing, cuddling, her sisters, and going out and about. Primary trainer: Zephyr Crosby.


Jupiter service dog in training

Jupiter came to his new family in the summer of 2021 when he was 5 months old. He loves to play with his friends, Willow and Sidney, at the local dog park. Jupiter is very eager to please and he is highly food motivated. He is training to become a PSD and he is already doing an awesome job. Primary trainer: Tihana Jandras.


Ellie service dog in training

Ellie is an Australian cattle dog mix (red heeler) who came to her new home at the beginning of January 2022 after the dog of her new owner’s student had a litter of puppies. Ellie enjoys learning new commands, playing with other dogs, and chasing balls. She is training to become a service dog to better assist her new family’s daughter with her needs. Primary trainer: Brooke Smith.


tilly service dog in training

Tilly is a silly, lovable, and happy girl. She’s a German shepherd mix who was born in March of 2020. She was rescued from a shelter and loves to hang with her owner. These partners are excited to learn and continue their journey as at team. Primary trainer: Lillian Rascoe.

Kentucky Bourbon

bourbon service dog in training

Bourbon is a golden doodle who lives in Texas. He was born in the first few days of 2022 and adopted from a reputable breeder. He came to live with his new family when he was 9 weeks old. Primary trainer: Debbie Coffee.


bentley service dog in training

Bentley is a rough collie who was born in January of 2022. She came home to her new family as an 8 week old puppy and is adjusting to her new home. Like all puppies, she likes snuggles and playing with her toys. Primary trainer: Maya Matlack.


marlo service dog in training

Marlo is a German shepherd and husky who was born in the summer of 2022 to an oops litter. He loves to play with his dog siblings. Playing fetch is his favorite pastime. He loves to go to work with his trainer to her pet-friendly office. When he sees his lead pulled out at the house he starts his husky howl until he is attached and ready to go. He also loves snuggles from his humans and getting attention from his family. Primary trainer: Aleicia Morehouse.


Juniper service dog in training

Juniper is a golden doodle who was born in July of 2021. She arrived in her forever home at 8 weeks old. She’s a very playful puppy who’s very eager to learn. She loves to be outside, explore, and play fetch. She has high hopes of becoming a mobility and medical alert service dog for her owner. Primary trainer: Reagan Rose.


yogi service dog in training

Yogi is a golden doodle from Mother of Doodles Kennels in O’ahu, Hawai’i. She was born in early 2022 and her breeder is very excited for Yogi to be trained as a Service Dog as she hopes to be able to provide future puppies to service dog programs. Yogi loves car rides, the wind in her fur, sleeping under pillows, and she will pick a cat toy over a chew toy any day. Primary trainer: Karen Jones.


echo service dog in training

Echo is a German shepherd and husky mix who came home in early December 2021 from an amateur breeder who advertised her and her brothers as an accidental litter online. Her all time favorite things are harassing pack sibling, Zia, and getting into trouble wherever and whenever she can. She’s very curious and gets herself into some interesting situations a lot of the times. Even with her crazy puppy vibes she’s taken to her training really well and is on her way to greatness. Primary trainer: Hailey Nickels.


lana service dog in training

Lana was born in June, 2016. She was adopted from a shelter in 2017 and has changed her owner’s life! She loves to play outside with the other family dogs and loves to swim. Primary trainer: Lauren Zimmer.


Disco was rescued in April of 2022 to become a service dog with autism tasks. Disco experienced some trauma in his early years, but his trainers are very committed to helping him learn as much as he is able to comfortably learn. Disco is a cuddle bug and is highly motivated by praise, affection, and freeze-dried liver treats, which his trainers are very happy to give to their good boy. Primary trainers: Rachelle, Doug, and Rain Thompson.


harper service dog in training

Harper is a standard poodle who was bred from parents who were genetically and physically determined to likely produce puppies with the aptitude to become service dogs. Harper was born in November, 2021. Primary trainer: Joylynn Woodruff.


prim service dog in training

Prim is a 4 month old Doberman pinscher who was born in early 2022 and was insanely calm for a pup. She enjoys lounging ACROSS her handler’s body, grumbling softly anytime she’s the slightest bit uncomfortable. Prim enjoys plushies and antlers! She is always super eager to learn. Primary trainers: Jasmine Gordon and Taylor Dudley


luxel service dog in training

Luxel is a very confident puppy who was born on Christmas Day, 2021 in Washington state. She enjoys everything water and would rather be wet than dry. The only thing she loves more than water is her monkey. Primary trainer: Kennedy Branch.


nala service dog in training

Nala came from a family friend in early 2022 when she found out her son had gotten a dog and had been abusing her. Some of Nala’s favorite things to do are cuddle, run around like crazy, and go on walks. She absolutely loves playing fetch and learning new tricks. Her favorite trick right now is paw and to boop when she wants attention. Primary trainer: Breana Pane.


sweetie service dog in training

Sweetie was part of an accidental litter in the spring of 2017. She has an amazing personality. She is calm and loves attention. She doesn’t have too much of an interest in toys and would prefer to snuggle up instead. Her trainer recognized a natural talent in her, particularly her leash skills and tasking, and decided to train her as a service dog.


t'challa service dog in training

T’Challa is a Labrador mix who was born in the fall of 2021. He was rescued as a puppy from a shelter in Georgia. He is incredibly friendly and adores people and other animals. Primary trainer: Pamela Amerson.


monty service dog in training

Monty is a Rhodesian ridgeback mix born in 2019 who was adopted from a rescue in San Diego that focuses on Mexican street dogs.  Monty was originally supposed to be just a foster (after fostering 6 dogs during the pandemic) but as soon as his family got there to pick him up, a foster fail was imminent. He’s been in his home now since July 2020. Monty is super smart and enjoys the beach and swimming (a true water dog at heart) and playing with his dog friends. Monty’s favorite special treat is a puppuccino. Primary trainer: Mary-Kate Catton.


karma service dog in training

Karma is a standard poodle born in the spring of 2020. She enjoys enrichment toys, stuffies, and a good belly rub. Primary trainers: Jasmine Gordon and Taylor Dudley.


Fletcher service dog in training

Fletcher is a Dalmatian who was born in May of 2021. She was rescued through the help of Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida as well as Hot Mess Pooches in Houston, Texas. At 7 weeks old she had already become an expert traveler, and had experienced three separate airplane flights. Fletcher is an active, outgoing, and friendly dog who takes special enjoyment in public outings. She enjoys going to restaurants, concerts, and festivals. Her loyalty and eagerness to please have set her up on this path to becoming a Service Dog. Fletcher loves her tennis ball, visiting the beach, hiking, biking, and all other outdoor activities. In the South Carolina heat she enjoys boat rides and swimming in the pool. Primary trainer: Misha Racliff.


nova service dog in training

Nova was the youngest in a litter of six mixed breed girls born in the winter of 2021 and was adopted from United Dog Rescue in Oakland Park, Florida. She is a loving pup who is always eager to please and loves her family very much. Primary trainer: Naomi Wong.

Pixie Rose

pixie rose service dog in training

Pixie Rose was born on April 25, 2022 and adopted from a reputable breeder. She is loving, cuddly, and fast to learn but she can also be quite stubborn. She loves her stuffies and doesn’t know a stranger. She wants instrumental music for afternoon naps and has lots of tickle spots. Primary trainer: Misty Knutson.


aja service dog in training

Aja came from Gunter Ridge Cane Corsos in North Carolina. Her future handler told the breeder why she’d like a cane corso and what she was looking for in temperament, and was paired with Aja. She loves how cuddly Aja was and still is to this day. Primary trainer: Virginia Forrest.


mira service dog in training

Mira is an F1 labradoodle, her mom being an AKC Registered Labrador retriever and her dad being an AKC registered standard poodle. Mira and her littermates were tested in the summer of 2022 using Volhard at 50 days of life, and Mira scored almost exclusively 3s and 4s.  Miss Mira(cle) was chosen to be a psychiatric service dog for her trainers’ daughter who has a range of needs. Primary trainers: Chelsea and Rebecca Niles.

Murphy Dax

murphy service dog in training

Murphy Dax “MD” is a golden doodle who was adopted in July 2022 from Wise Animal Rescue in New Jersey after being deemed too small to do mobility work but having a great temperament for working. Murphy was adopted by his handler to help her current working dog (Wilfred) have more time as Wilfred gets older and to have Murphy begin his training as a medical alert plus PTSD service dog. Murphy has only begun his training but he is quickly learning! Murphy loves living with a pack of four dogs and helping his handler work with dogs all day! Murphy’s favorite things are water and carrying three toys at once. Primary Trainer: Emma Stevenson


emori service dog in training

Emori is an Australian shepherd and border collie mix from a breeder in Raleigh, NC, born May 19, 2021. She adores her two dog siblings, and she is always aiming to please. She has a  cool temperament like no other, and she has a huge willingness to learn. In Emori’s free time is obsessed with frisbee, herding balls, and running as fast as possible. Primary trainer: Kennady Reyes.


fetty service dog in training

Fetty (named after Fetty Wap) was born in the fall of 2021. He was a gift to his trainer from his trainer’s brother. He loves his piggy plush and electronics, as well as naps and cuddling with whomever he can. Primary trainer: Cupid Ross.


Lucy service dog in training

Lucy is a golden doodle who was born on December 27, 2020. She has been with her family since she was 8 weeks old. Lucy loves to go on car rides, play in the water, rain, snow, river, ocean, puddle – as long as it is water, the form doesn’t matter. She loves to please and learn new things.  She is very loving, observant and kind. Lucy also loves to play with her older brother, 10 year old poodle/mastiff, Titan. Lucy’s favorite treat is string cheese. Primary trainer: Carla Balkins.


Iolaire service dog in training

Iolaire is from Bluemist Kennels in Kentucky. She’s the daughter of AKC CH Crescendo ByRequest and AKC CH Calliscopes Marcella Bluemist. She loves tug, puzzle toys, new people, car rides, and water toys. She has been obsessed with her 7 minute training sessions since she came home at 10 weeks old, and will verbally complain on a rest day. This girl loves to learn! She’s working towards allergen detection, stim interruption, and low blood pressure alert. Primary trainer: Wynter Horne.


jujube service dog in training

Jujube is a cheerful little Chihuahua mix from Tijuana, Mexico. She’s a rescue dog, and was in foster care in Tijuana for 4 months before being adopted in March 2022, at the age of 8 months. Her favorite things include cuddles, walks, running on the beach, chase, and cheese. She’s cautious about trying new foods at home, and rarely takes treats from strangers, but will happily eat anything she finds on the ground outside. Primary Trainer: Emily Witkin.


Echo is a border collie and black Labrador mix who was born on November 11, 2021. She shares a birthday with her owner/trainer! She was adopted into her new home when she was 9 weeks old. Her favorite games are tug of war and fetch and she loves bath time. Echo is training to go to college with her owner/trainer next fall. Primary trainer: Cassidy Decola.


Marley is from a reputable breeder in Rochester, NY called LovelyDoodles. Marley’s favorite thing to do is nap and play with his brothers. He was born on July 2, 2022 and has been with his family since he was 8 weeks old. Primary trainer: Elizabeth Antenucci.


lily service dog in training

Lilly is a Vizla/Boxer/Labrador mix who was born in 2013. She has been with her owner/trainer since she was a year old and they are best friends. She was adopted from The Northeast Ohio SPCA Pet Shelter in Parma, OH. Lilly is the pure definition of “happy go lucky”. She loves people, dogs, cats, ducks, etc. For a hunting breed of dog, she is amazingly calm around other animals, never wanting to go after a squirrel and rarely barking. She loves going on walks. Lilly also loves training other dogs. She is amazing at it, too! Her owner/trainer calls her his “right hand in training” because she is such a pro. She’s one of a kind! Primary trainer: Joshua Lewis.


corbet service dog

Corbet is an American black Labrador from Denver, Co. He was born on June 22, 2020 and was originally apart of another organization. He was given to his owner/trainer at 5 months of age, to be returned after 11 months. She raised him as his puppy raiser and said goodbye to him before she left for college. After about a month and a half of training he was career changed due to separation anxiety. They think he loves their family a little too much. Despite this, he has shown great skill in obedience and has proven himself worthy of becoming an owner/trained service dog. He loves the snow, running, and of course, cuddling with his favorite human. Primary trainer: Marin Wasinger.


Rose is a Shetland sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie. She was born on October 14, 2021 through a reputable breeder. Rose lives in Italy with her owner/trainer and understands all of her commands in Italian. She loves training, especially because it gives her a chance to play tug with her favorite rope toy. Bravissima, Rose! Primary trainer: Sophie Bertocchi.

Titus Ansel

titus service dog in training

Titus is a teacup chihuahua who was born in the summer of 2022 as part of an “oops” litter. He was a welcome surprise gift to his new owner as the perfect tiny companion. He loves training, playing, and sunbathing. His favorite activities are going on road trips, either in the car or on the motorcycle with his human. Primary trainer: Prissela Lopez.


ashe service dog in training

Ashe was born in Gallup, New Mexico, in May 2021. She was rescued by the organization Rescued Souls of the Rez, which rescues stray reservation dogs and gives them a new home. She is a mixed breed mutt with traces of Australian Cattle Dog, Chow Chow, German Shepherd, Samoyed, Boxer, and more. Ashe has become the ultimate cuddle bug and loves spending time with her humans. Her favorite snacks are bell peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon! Ashe hopes to continue training to become a PSD. Primary trainer: Beisha Hernandez.


lizzie service dog in training

Lisieux (Lizzie) was born November 2022 and is an apricot standard poodle. She loves playing “Mop the floor,” her own version of tug-of-war in which she uses her fluffy body to glide across the tile like the cutest mop you’ve ever seen. She also loves playing with her 6 human siblings who try their best to be great trainers. Lizzie already loves using her “outside” bell to get plenty of time in the back yard playing chase around the trampoline. She has hopes of becoming a mobility service dog and provide extra support and confidence to one of her human sisters with a muscular disorder. Primary trainers: Sara and Jonathan Alexander


elise service dog in training

Elise was born in August of 2022, in a litter of all girls, and she was the runt and the loner. At just nine days old she was chosen, named Elise, and given a promise to always be loved and cherished. Her name was carefully chosen as it is French and means pledged to God. In October 2022 she went to her new home and was just 1.3 pounds, now she’s 4.6 pounds and full of sass. She knows she’s got everyone wrapped around her little paw. She loves to play outside when it’s warm enough for the humans in the pack. She doesn’t mind the cold though. Now she’s on a journey to be a cardiac and migraine alert service dog. Primary trainer: Brooke Johnson.


ted service dog in training

Ted came from a breeder in June of 2020 when he was just a few months old. He loves a good scrub behind the ears, doing donuts in a big field at full speed, and playing in the snow. He is a silken windhound, a relatively new breed. Primary trainer: India Dykes.


cassie service dog in training

Cassie was adopted from the Humane Society of Charlotte in October 2021. She is a terrier mix that gets along well with humans, dogs, cats, and other critters. Her favorite thing in the world is treats, followed closely by adventures and napping. She is very smart and knows over 15 different tricks! Primary trainer: Kaelyn Alexander.


mocha service dog in training

Mocha was born in the winter of 2023. She was adopted from KC Pet Project. She particularly likes snuggling up for a good nap and playing with her big dog sister, Katydid. Her favorite toy is a stuffed rabbit she likes to carry around. Primary trainer: Chase Wolfe.


gertrude service dog in training

Gertrude is a high-energy and enthusiastic Pomeranian. She was born in northern Michigan in 2020 and joined her new family at about 10 weeks of age. Gertrude is always up for a good time, whether it is playing fetch, going on walks, riding in her backpack, playing with her stuffies and balls, and chewing bones. She is an eager learner and a good student!


shaggy service dog in training

Shaggy is a Maltese and poodle mix born in November of 2019. His mother was rescued off the street and quickly gave birth to her litter at the shelter. Shaggy was adopted by his handler when he was just a few months old. He loves to play chase with his handler. He particularly enjoys his rabbit that crinkles and squeaks. Primary trainer: Ashley Davis.


Kacey service dog in training

Kacey is a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix. She is a rescue dog from the Evansville Animal Care and is estimated to be around 5 years old. She has been with her new family for a year and fits in like she has always been there. Kacey is a very smart little girl; she picks up on new trick easily and always tries to please the humans. She is a love bug and will cuddle with anyone anytime she gets. Don’t let that soft side fool you – she has a lot of energy! She loves to go on hikes, play soccer, or just have the zoomies! Primary trainers: Kyleigh and Kelsey Mayer.


Dolly service dog in training

Dolly is a St. Bernard who was born in April of 2023 in Colorado. Her favorite things are napping and playing with her pack mates. Primary trainer: Erynn Simpson.


penelope service dog in training

Penelope is a working line Australian shepherd. She was born in July of 2022 in Pensilvania and brought home to Ohio at 2 months old. She is a confident and eager pup that enjoys being the center of attention. She prefers toys over treats but is eager to please and loves training no matter the reward. Her favorite activities include walks, playing frisbee, and playing with other dogs. Primary trainer: Alexis Burt.


hugo service dog in training

Hugo was a gift from a daughter to a mother – a daughter who has a pack of her own, including a FEMA search & rescue Cane Corso. The daughter had been screening several puppies from breeders and shelters as candidates to become her mother’s service dog to no avail until a neighbor said their pet akitas were having puppies. The daughter knew these dogs were very gentle, calm, and intelligent, and that that her mother has always loved the breed and had commented that an akita sized dog is what she would need if she were to get a service dog. The puppies arrived in March 2023 and she screened them all at the appropriate time. One passed: Hugo. He got a great head start as the daughter kept him from 8-10 weeks old to crate train, socialize him with her pack of 5 dogs and her small 4 children, and body handling. Hugo arrived in in his new home with everything he needed too. He was a surprise but soon fit right in with his new family. His favorite foods are apples, carrots, and steak. His favorite activity is relaxing on the air conditioning floor vent and playing fetch with his squeaky ball. Primary trainer: April Edwards.


Duke service dog in training

Duke is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi born in 2021. His owner adopted him from a rescue in Mississippi and he now lives a spoiled life in Boston, MA. Duke has a big personality in a small body and loves everyone he meets. He loves snuggles, dog parks, the beach, and blueberry treats. He also loves his cat sister (she doesn’t always feel the same). Primary trainer: Brittany Segill.

Crosslot’s Indigo Star

indie service dog in training

Indie is a purebred English Labrador Retriever. She is a special gal who brings a mix of playfulness and serious mindedness to her work. She is a happy, gentle soul. True to her breed, she loves to eat! And she also loves to train and play with her K9 friends. She is proving to be a quick learner, a fast friend, and loyal partner. Primary trainer: Victoria Lee.


cinch service dog in training

Cinch is an Australian shepherd born in the summer of 2022. He was adopted from a reputable breeder in Oklahoma. He enjoys evening walks around the neighborhood with his trainer and often helps her out with agricultural and farming events. Primary trainer: Brooke Gibson.


cupid service dog in training

Cupid was born in Missouri but went to live with his family when he was 10 weeks old. It was love at first sight and he was a life saver during the pandemic and some personal grief. Cupid’s family always says, “We didn’t rescue him, he rescued us”.  Since he was 2 months old, he has been taking classes. He is a very smart and a fast learner. He enjoys training so much. Cupid loves to be in public and the more crowded, the better where he can get everyone’s attention with his smile, charisma, and good manners. Primary trainer: Esthela Arenas.


Violet service dog in training

Violet is a rat terrier and Jack Russell mix breed rescue dog who was born in 2021. She had one litter of puppies and lived in a hoarding situation until the family decided they no longer wanted her. A New York rescue saved her from euthanasia. The foster mom saw so many wonderful qualities in Violet. She was excellent with the foster family’s blind dog, cuddled up to everyone who entered the house, and had the sweetest disposition. The foster decided to welcome her into their family the same year and feel so lucky to have her. Violet has since completed obedience training and passed the Canine Good Citizen test. She works in schools and for organizations as part of a Dog Bite Prevention Program. Learning service dog work to assist a family member has always been a goal, but put on the back burner. The sudden loss of her blind canine sister has thrown Violet into a depression, so service dog training quickly became a priority. Violet will enjoy the training and the work will make her happy. Primary Trainer: Katie McKnight.


Vesper service dog in training

Vesper is a Labrador retriever and golden retriever mix. He was born on March 14, 2022 in Michigan. He enjoys romping with his brother as well as keeping an eye on the mini donkeys, goats, chickens, and potbelly pigs who share his home. His greatest joys include going to the beach, canoeing, and going to car races with his family.


Nova service dog in training

Nova, a vibrant coonhound and Labrador retriever mix born in early 2024, exudes energy and playfulness. This adorable pup is always full of life, finding joy in simple pleasures like eating and engaging in enthusiastic zoomies. Alongside her two human siblings, Nova delights in running around and playing, bringing a sense of liveliness and cheer to the household. Primary trainer: Samantha Judge.